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The Art of Developing Energy

“Qigong” or Chi Kung as pronounced and traditionally spelt in Romanized English, is the esoteric art of developing energy. In Chinese, energy is called Qi, pronounced and often spelt as Chi in English. Work or training is called Gong or Kung as spelt in Romanized English.​

Qi is the energy that enables you and me to walk and talk, to work and play, to philosophize and visualize, and to perform all the other myriad activities necessary for living. Qi is also that changes the food you have just eaten into flesh and bones, that moves the necessary muscles when you smile, that fights the hostile microorganisms which invade your body, that transmit messages from your brain to various organs and tissues, and does countless other things inside your body that we are unaware of but that are essential to keep you and me and everyone else alive.​

Of course, Qi is not obtained from Qigong alone. People normally obtain their qi, or life energy, from the air they breathe and the food they eat. But practicing Qigong greatly enhances our energy, thus enabling us to get more out of life.​

Besides keeping us alive - the most important function, and also the most easily forgotten - Qi performs many other beneficial jobs too. There are three main areas, or dimensions, where Qigong is especially invaluable, namely: health, internal force, and mind training. For those who are ready, a fourth dimension may be added: spiritual fulfillment.​

Qigong is excellent for curing illness and promoting health. There is a saying that Qigong can cure hundreds of illnesses. Understandably, many people might consider this claim vain or exaggerated, but in our school there are numerous case histories to support this apparently wild claim.​

Internal force, obviously, is force from inside our body, and should be differentiated from external force, which is usually muscular or mechanical, and sometimes brutal. If you can work cheerfully and effectively from morning to evening, and yet still have energy to enjoy the night with your family, then you also exhibit internal force. Qigong develops internal force, and we will teach you how.

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