Wen-tzu | Understanding the Mysteries | 130

The dragon is an age-old symbol of the highest spiritual essence, embodying wisdom, strength, and the divine power of transformation.

Lao-tzu said:

If you live in hinterlands but your heart is in the capital then you take life seriously. If you take life seriously, then take profit lightly. If you still cannot conquer yourself, then go along with your heart, and your spirit will not suffer harm. If you cannot conquer yourself but still force yourself not to follow your heart, this is what is called being doubly wounded. People who are doubly wounded never live long.

Therefore it is said that to know harmony is called the constant, and to know the constant is called illumination. To enhance life is called auspicious; the mind mastering the energy is called strength. This is referred to as mysterious sameness, using the radiance and then returning to the light.

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