Taijiquan Program

We are only accepting applications for Level 1: Fundamentals of Taijiquan.

Time Table
Fridays from 8 to 9 pm. The Course is scheduled for a period of three months, during which the student is required to be ready at the agreed time once a week, for at least one hour. Under no circumstances any class will be re-scheduled if the student fails to comply, unless prior communication with his/her teacher.


From March 20 to June 19 of 2020



Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera, San Juan

Admission Cost

$1,500.00 per participant, payable as follows: $500 at the moment of application and two monthly payments 0f $500.00 at the beginning of the next two months. You can pay cash, via ATH Móvil, Venmo or Paypal.

Level 1: Fundamentals of Taijiquan


Form: Stances. fundamental footwork and basic Taijiquan forms.

Application: Taijiquan techniques to overcome simple combat situations.

Force: Wuji Stance, Lifting Water, Three-Circle Stance, and Grasping Sparrow's Tail, Leg Stretching (Art of Flexibility).

Philosophy: Dimensions, aims and brief history.


  • From Wuji to Taiji, and back to Wuji.

  • Movement from the waist.

  • Differentiating between yin and yang.

  • One-pointed mind and energy flow.

  • Basic Taijiquan patterns.

  • Internal force training.



Level 2: Basic Taijiquan Set


Form: White Crane Flaps Wings.

Application: Pushing Hands and simple combat application.

Force: Induced energy flow.

Philosophy: Taijiquan for health and combat.



  • Unity of form (Jing), energy (Chi) and mind (Shen).

  • The principle of Yin-Yang.


Level 3: Techniques of Pushing Hands

Form: White Snake Shoots Venom.

Application: Pushing Hands and Combat Application.

Force: Flow of movement, Sensing ability, Using the opponent's strength.

Philosophy: Principles of internal force training.



  • Techniques from White Snake Shoots Venom.

  • Pushing from front, left, right and back.

  • Importance of good stances.

  • Movement from the waist.

  • Four tahils against thousand katis.

  • Flowing with the opponent to overcome him.


Level 4: Tactics of Pushing Hands

Form: Green Dragon Shoots Pearl.

Application: Combat application from Green Dragon Shoots Pearl.

Force: Flowing with the opponent.

Philosophy: Difference between techniques and tactics.



  • Reactive and proactive advantages.

  • Tactic of continuous attacks.

  • Tactic of confusing moves.

  • Tactic of instantaneous counter.

  • Tactic of interruption.


Level 5: Da Shou or Striking Hands

Form: Black Bear Sinks Hips.

Application: Combat application from Black Bear Sinks Hips.

Force: Breath co-ordination and energy flow.

Philosophy: Principles of attack and defense.



  • Four categories of attacks.

  • The principle of safety first.

  • Soft against hard, and vice versa.

  • Circular against straight, and vice versa.

  • Starting later but arriving earlier.


Level 6: Cultivation for Health, Combat and Spiritual Development

Form: Carry Tiger Back to Mountain.

Application: Combat application of Carry Tiger Back to Mountain.

Force: Abdominal Breathing.

Philosophy: Use of Strategies.



  • Strategies based on Know Thyself, Know your Opponent.


Level 7: Flowing Water, Floating Clouds

Form: Flowing Water Floating Clouds Set.

Application: Combat application of Flowing Water, Floating Clouds.

Force: Solo performance as well as sparring with picture-perfect form, force and speed but without panting.

Philosophy: Principles of weapon combat.



  • This set, which is probably closer in spirit and form to the original Taijiquan practiced by past masters like Zhang San Feng and Chen Wang Ting than many Taijiquan sets practiced today, enables us to attain good health, combat efficiency and spiritual fulfillment.



Level 8: Wudang Sword

Form: Wudang Sword set.

Application: Combat application of Wudang sword.

Force: Channeling energy to the tip of a sword.

Philosophy: Principles of weapon combat.



  • Safety, certainty and decisiveness.

  • Avoiding strength and attacking weakness.


Level 9: Taijiquan Sabre

Form: Taijiquan Sabre set.

Application: Application of Taijiquan Sabre.

Force: Accuracy and power of chosen weapon.

Philosophy: Characteristics of major weapons.



  • Major weapons ⎯ staff, sabre, spear, sword, dagger, big knife, trident, soft whip.


Level 10: Unarmed against Armed

Form: Empty Hands Enter White Blade.

Application: Unarmed against dagger, staff and knife.

Force: Countering feign moves.

Philosophy: The principles and practice of Apparent and Real.



  • Over Bridge, Flow with Water.


Level 11: Single Unarmed against Multiple Unarmed

Form: Tiger Enters Herd of Sheep.

Application: Single unarmed against multiple unarmed.

Force: Bamboo Man or Through the Woods.

Philosophy: Back-wall Battle and Dodge-hit Battle.



  • Agility, stamina and endurance.


Level 12: Single Unarmed and Armed against Multiple Armed

Form: Dodge Hit.

Application: Single unarmed and armed against multiple armed.

Force: Dodging skills and using enemy as shields.

Philosophy: Catch the Leader First and Break Through the Weakest.

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