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Holistic Health Center


We help empower and improve and alleviate chronic and supposedly incurable diseases such as back pain, migraine, asthma, arthritis, cancer, stiff shoulders, phobias, infertility, impotence, headaches, allergies, menopause syndrome, diabetes, etc.



According to Chinese philosophy, being healthy is not just freedom from disease but includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A person can say no to be healthy, if even when free of physical illness, irritated easily, has little power or concentration is haunted by vice and confusion.

The Chinese believe that man is an organic unity of essence, energy and spirit. Essence (Jing) is the physical substance of the person, energy (Qi) is the life force and spirit (Shen) is the mind, the soul or consciousness. Health means the welfare of all these three aspects of man.

The "incurable" diseases are irrelevant in the philosophy of Chinese medicine, which postulates that man by nature is healthy and able to overcome all diseases.

Qigong, which makes use of cosmic energy in the universe and life energy in man, is probably the most natural of all therapies. It is based on the principle that life is a significant energy exchange. Its main purpose is to ensure that this significant energy flow is continuous harmony or to restore harmony, if for some reason the flow is altered. It deals not only physical health but also emotional, mental and spiritual.

Qigong, which remained a secret in the past, is possibly the best gift of Chinese medicine in the West. You can help resolve the many and varied ills prevalent in Western societies today.



The Will to Live is extremely important for those who want treatment / healing in the clinic, as well as respect and value for life. Although it may sound harsh, this is very important. Many people who are diagnosed with cancer or any supposedly incurable disease, are so afraid that almost give up the will to live, even though they really want. They fear the current Western medical treatment of chemotherapy and rays, and side effects of the cancer returning, leaving their families and friends. Fear is everywhere and in a very high intensity.




The Heart of Trust shall be transmitted by the Master / Sifu and other deep techniques, empowering the client / patient to be good, not just good, but to dispel all fear, be able to live a life of joy and happiness, enthusiastically for life, enjoy life with family and friends, enjoying hobbies, have vitality, clarity and peace of mind, and enjoy work and play. The techniques passed will help to heal the body / mind and also in everyday life.

"According to Chinese medical philosophy, there is no such thing as an incurable disease, although a patient may be incurable if his disease, albeit simple, has done damage beyond a certain threshold. Each disease can be cured, because we are healthy, naturally."

- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


Clients / patients come to our clinic for several reasons:

  • Learn how to generate genuine Qi flow to help release blocked meridians in the body.

  • Increase your energy and vitality.

  • Enjoy a restful sleep at night.

  • Increase your mental clarity.

  • Internal strength training to improve their performance and desire to live.

  • Spiritual and personal cultivation.

  • Manage stress (stress).

  • Learn how to live a life of joy.

  • Increase the feeling of connection.

  • Cleaning emotional blockages that can lead to physical illness.

  • Time Management.

  • Increased immune system.

  • Dealing with corporate aggression, frustration and tension (stress).

  • Learning to Smiling from the heart and be in the Dan Tian in daily life.

  • Flowing Meditation \ Qi flow.


Personal consultations and tailor therapies Medical Qigong and Qigong.

*Children older than 8 years are welcome.
*We also work with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, even in step 4.

Dedicated to providing education and training on the wonderful natural ability of the body and mind to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through the ancient art and modern scientific therapy Shaolin Qigong Healing heal.




The innovative program for chronic pain and illness has been developed to give the best to overcome them, people who suffer from chronic pain and illness opportunity.

These diseases are incurable only from the paradigm of Western medicine, but from the paradigm of Chinese medicine, all diseases can be overcome.

Patients participating in the clinic daily to an annual program for a fee of $60,000.00 at the beginning of treatment. If pain or disease has not been surpassed by the end of the annual program (one year), the full fee is returned to the patient. Attendance of at least 80% is required. Freedom from disease or pain will be confirmed by the GP or consultant of the patient.

Attendance is 20-30 minutes each day for a year.

A contract for the therapist and the client is signed to ensure both are protected in this unique and innovative program.

The top 10 diseases and degenerative conditions being treated are:


  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes

  • Asthma

  • Depression

  • Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Sexually transmitted diseases Coronary

  • PD

  • Crohn

  • Ulcerative Colitis

  • All chronic pain, for example, back pain, sciatica, migraine, etc.

Other diseases including cancer, disabled and in a wheelchair will be considered.

Potential customers will attend for assessment and suitability prior to the beginning of the annual program and a satisfactory full explanation of the program, contract signing and payment of fee is discussed. The treatment will then begin for one year (365 consecutive days).

Customers who wish to test queries per week for ten weeks, once accepted, before committing to the program for 12 months, may do so by paying a fee of $3,000 This payment is non-refundable. If they continue in the program for twelve months remaining fee is $12,600.

What will be taught in the Clinic you will have it for life.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you overcome your chronic pain and, or so called in-curable dis-ease,

Sifu Angel Pérez


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