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Would you like to enjoy good health be it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Would you like to increase your vitality so you can get the best out of your work and play? Would you like to have clarity of thought and freshness of mind, as well as spiritual fulfillment?

You can attain all of these goals and more by practicing the authentic Shaolin Cosmos Qigong and Taijiquan.

Iris Klare
Craneo Sacral, Massage Therapist
Reiki Healer
Salud Holística

I have been practicing Qigong for the past 6 years with Sifu Angel and recently started learning Taijiquan. The benefits of a daily practice have been numerous, leaving me feeling more energetic, happy and healthy in mind and body. The importance of learning from a genuine teacher really makes a big difference! Without his guidance and extensive knowledge, the practice would not be possible. I can recommend his courses!

Sifu Santi Criado
Cosmos Qigong Teacher
Shaolin Wahnam España

Sifu Ángel is an extraordinary teacher.  I am taking his Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan classes and making rapid progress.

Finding authentic Qigong and/or Tai Chi Chuan masters is not an easy task. Sifu Angel is a genuine master in these 2 arts.


I feel very lucky to have him in my life since my training with Sifu Ángel is wonderful.

Alejandro Berrocal Bravo
Medical Student

What is taught in the Qigong course promotes spiritual, mental and physical health and wellness at its core. Sifu Ángel manages to teach and share in a "down to earth" way, adapting to the student's level, professionally and with great attention to detail, always explaining why.

Marie L. Cartagena
Bank Officer

Sifu Angel is a great teacher, compassionate and empathic, "Smiling from the Heart". From my experience, Qigong helps me improve physical, emotional and spiritual areas of my life, feeling peace and good health.

Mateo Lugo
Composer, Guitarist

I started the Generating Qi Flow Course two months ago and the physical and mental benefits have already been substantial. I find myself much calmer, more energetic, ruminating less, and generally more open and easy in my interactions with others.


Sifu Angel is a true Qigong Master, with a vast knowledge of both the technique and the history of this wonderful practice. He always transmits his knowledge in an accessible, disciplined, slow and generous way. Thanks!

Austin Park
Online Marketer
Masters in Nutrition

I have been taking the Chi Kung energy cultivation class with Sifu Angel Perez for a few weeks now and am already feeling significant benefits from the practice. I view it as a moving meditation and I am definitely feeling physical benefits from it such as mental clarity, more energy, and better focus.


I have been looking to get into Qi Gong/Shaolin Arts for a very long time and am confident that I have finally found the right teacher. I practice 2 times a day and I know I'll be doing this practice for the rest of my life. Excited to complete this course and take the next one.


I highly recommend Sifu Angel Perez if you are in Puerto Rico. He explains all the practices very well and gives individual attention to every student. He even conducts the class in English to help out any people who have not learned Spanish yet, such as myself. That shows how much dedication he has as a teacher.


For anyone who may have doubts on the "science" of this practice, I highly recommend you try a class and see for yourself, and try to stick with it. Experiencing things for yourself is the only way you will ever know. There is a reason why millions of people have been practicing this art for thousands of years.

Sensei Benjamin Acevedo
Electronic Security Consultant
B&N Security Systems

The truth is that the practice of Cosmos Qigong with Sifu Angel has been an internal renewal both physically and spiritually.

It is a form of reunion with oneself that allows us to connect with the energy that surrounds us and at the same time flows within each being.

After a lifetime in the practice of Japanese Karate where the term hard, strong is emphasized, without detracting from it since it helped me greatly to work the Attitude towards everything in life in a disciplined way, I came across this series of smooth movements with coordinated breathing in each movement that in a short time of practice manifest its benefits such as greater mental clarity, greater flexibility and a state of lasting internal joy.

Each Master has their wand just as each student has their own quest and ways of assimilating.

I am convinced of the subtle energy and spontaneous joy that arises from such an ancient practice, for which I am grateful to the Universe (God), to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and to Sifu Ángel for their genuine commitment to transmitting this enriching teaching.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Diego A. Perez

Qigong has transformed my life in ways I never thought possible. Thank you Sifu Angel!

Marilyn Vega
Biofeedback Therapist
Subtle Energies

Ángel is a super professional person in all areas of life. He is kind and warm. Very talented and knowledgeable about his field of work. I really recommend his services.

Anibal Cruz
Environmental Scientist

I have been following the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Puerto Rico and knowing the Sifu Angel Pérez for a while and my knowledge of healing and health are improving since. The way he imparts his teaching is very comprehensive and relaxing but intense at the same time.

Yogacharini Silvina Pirola
Kriya Yoga Argentina

Practicing Qigong with the guidance of Sifu Ángel has been a highly valuable experience. In a personalized way, respecting the rhythms and needs, it has helped me to restore energetic harmony in the most challenging moments. Even in the distance I was able to practice with his direction in a safe and therapeutic way. He transmitted me Generating Qi Flow , The Eight Pieces of Brocade and The Art of Flexibility. Practices that I continue doing. Always grateful to Sifu for the opportunity, for his skill and wisdom. His courses and classes are totally recommended!

Benny Hernández
Flight Attendant

I have been learning about the benefits of Qigong for 6 weeks, since I started, I have gradually noticed a present awareness and the benefits it provides. It has helped me reduce stress and through exercises and breathing I have found ways to unblock and allow the energy in my body to flow better. Sifu Angel teaches us to allow our hearts to smile and thus experience the benefits of Qigong.

Sister Blanca Colón
San Agustín del Coquí, Inc.

With our children, at one point, Sifu Angel worked beautifully. They were healing processes. It helped them find that "center" of serenity and peace. Very grateful for the service you gave us.

Dr. Luther P. Martin
Internal Medicine
Retired Colonel US Army

Angel, SIFU Angel is one of the best in esoteric learning. He is driven by passion and efficiency in teaching authentic Qigong. His deep knowledge and his unique touch as teacher incite the student to better himself under his benevolence.


Sifu Angel has had a personal rapport with me as he usually does with those who have been privileged to learn from him. It is without any mental reservation that I would recommend anyone who is in the quest for authentic Qigong learning to seek guidance and learn from him.


My experience with him is priceless and cannot be duplicated due to the uniqueness of his kind.

Johanna Zapata
QHHT Level 2 Practitioner
Alquimia Quantum Healing Studio

Sifu Angel is a genuine being and possessor of great knowledge. His love for what he does and his excellent ability to transmit that knowledge make his classes and contact with him a very enriching experience. I highly recommend it.

Andrew Roberts
Music Teacher

Sifu Angel is a noble man of great compassion and profound skill in the authentic Shaolin arts. His many years of martial arts and meditation practice allow him to be a great teacher and healer. I highly recommend learning from him and enjoying the countless benefits of the authentic Shaolin arts he teaches.

Sergio Pérez
Biologist, Bartender

Sifu Angel is a person who is real and will teach you and transmit his teachings from his purest conviction. Qigong, which is one of the practices taught at his institute, can be very beneficial to achieve better vital performance since it helps mental and spiritual focus, so in my opinion, it can be practiced as a method of meditation.


Therefore, by strengthening the mind, in addition to obtaining more mental clarity, the capacity for intention and willpower are strengthened, which are key either for some physical exercise or for obtaining a personal or professional goal.

Tony Torres
Lawyer, Engineer

I became interested in Qigong as an alternative method to eliminate my Parkinson's symptoms. Sifu Angel has given me much more than that with his excellence as a teacher or Sifu.


It has helped me come to terms with my symptoms and re-emphasize that there is no such thing as an incurable disease. There is only an imbalance in energy created by emotions.


It's only been 6 weeks, but I'm already enjoying the benefits. I feel more relaxed with my daily life and physically I have managed to reduce my Parkinson's symptoms.


The next Qigong Course starts in September. I recommend that you do not miss this opportunity to turn your life around for the better.


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