Sifu Angel Pérez

Private Generating Qi Flow Course

Generating Qi flow is the fundamental skill of Qigong. Without this skill, practitioners will not derive the wonderful benefits of Qigong, even when they may perform genuine Qigong techniques.

Surprisingly, not many people know this fact. As a result, they may perform genuine Qigong techniques for years as external forms, but are still weak or sickly although two main purposes of Qigong training are to make them healthy and full of vitality.


  • To have a basic understanding of the meaning and scope of Qigong.

  • To acquire within a comparatively short time the best available Qigong skills and techniques which a student can competently practice on his/her own after the intensive course, for health, vitality, mental freshness and inner peace.


  • To have a basic understanding of Qigong.

  • To learn and be able to practice competently some useful Shaolin Cosmos Qigong exercises for health, vitality and longevity.

  • To acquire the skills of attaining a one-pointed mind and of tapping Cosmic Energy.

  • To have an experience of energy flow.


Course Content

  • Deep relaxation.

  • Unity of form, energy and mind.

  • Three dynamic Shaolin Cosmos Qigong patterns from the Eighteen Lohan Hands: Lifting the Sky, Carrying the Moon, Pushing Mountains.

  • Self-manifested Qi movement.

  • Standing meditation.


Expected Result-during the course itself

  • Feel relaxed and fresh.

  • Experience some Qi effects, like warmth over the body, tingling sensations at the fingers or other parts of the body, and ants crawling over his skin.

  • If a student has some internal injury, which he (or she) may not be aware, he may feel slight pain at the site of the injury. If he does not feel this slight pain at the end of the intensive course, he is likely to feel it later as he continues his practice. This is a sign that his Qigong practice is curing his injury, such as clearing internal energy blockage.

  • Feel confident that if he (or she) continues his practice at home, Qigong will overcome his degenerative or chronic illness if he has any, or to promote good health and vitality if he is not troubled by any illness.

  • Experience an increase of energy level.

  • Usually be amazed at what an intensive course with a master can bring to him (or her).


Time Table
The Private Generating Qi Flow Course is scheduled for a period of three months, during which the student is required to be ready at the agreed time once a week, for at least one hour. Under no circumstances any class will be re-scheduled if the students fails to comply, unless prior communication with his/her teacher.


​To be determined with the student in private.


To be determined with the student in private. 


Participation Cost
$1,800 per participant. You can pay cash, via ATH Movil, Venmo or Paypal.

Many people may amazed that quite a lot can be achieved within a comparative short time. This is possible because:

  • Objectives are clearly defined.

  • The best available methods are chosen to achieve the objectives.

  • Sifu Angel has much experience in successfully teaching such a course.

  • The student's progress is enhanced by opening his/her vital points and transmitting energy to him/her if necessary. A student would normally take a few months of consistent practice to achieve the same effect on his/her own.


An essential condition is required for participating in this Private Generating Qi Flow Course, and that is to uphold and practice the Ten Shaolin Laws. Please read and understand the Ten Shaolin Laws carefully. Application for the course is taken to be an indication that you have accepted this condition.​



Apply stating:

  • Name of this course, i.e. Private Generating Qi Flow Course.

  • Your full name

  • Sex and age

  • Occupation

  • Health problems briefly, if any


If you are accepted, details will be e-mailed to you.