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I have been practicing Qigong for the past 6 years with Sifu Angel and recently started learning Taijiquan. The benefits of a daily practice have been numerous, leaving me feeling more energetic, happy and healthy in mind and body. The importance of learning from a genuine teacher really makes a big difference! Without his guidance and extensive knowledge, the practice would not be possible. I can recommend his courses!
~Iris Klare


The truth is that the practice of Cosmos Qigong with Sifu Angel has been an internal renewal both physically and spiritually.

It is a form of reunion with oneself that allows us to connect with the energy that surrounds us and at the same time flows within each being.

After a lifetime in the practice of Japanese Karate where the term hard, strong is emphasized, without detracting from it since it helped me greatly to work the Attitude towards everything in life in a disciplined way, I came across this series of smooth movements with coordinated breathing in each movement that in a short time of practice manifest its benefits such as greater mental clarity, greater flexibility and a state of lasting internal joy.

Each Master has their wand just as each student has their own quest and ways of assimilating.

I am convinced of the subtle energy and spontaneous joy that arises from such an ancient practice, for which I am grateful to the Universe (God), to the Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and to Sifu Ángel for their genuine commitment to transmitting this enriching teaching.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~Sensei Benjamín Acevedo

With our children, at one point, Sifu Angel worked beautifully. They were healing processes. It helped them find that "center" of serenity and peace. Very grateful for the service you gave us.

~Sister Blanca Colón

Sifu Angel is a great teacher, compassionate and empathic, "Smiling from the Heart". From my experience, Qigong helps me improve physical, emotional and spiritual areas of my life, feeling peace and good health.

~Marie Cartagena

I started the Generating Qi Flow Course two months ago and the physical and mental benefits have already been substantial. I find myself much calmer, more energetic, ruminating less, and generally more open and easy in my interactions with others.


Sifu Angel is a true Qigong Master, with a vast knowledge of both the technique and the history of this wonderful practice. He always transmits his knowledge in an accessible, disciplined, slow and generous way. Thanks!

~Mateo Lugo 

Private Art of Energy Course


The course is scheduled for eight one hour weekly sessions.



To be set in private with the student.




$1,500 per participant.

Generating Qi flow is the fundamental skill of The Art of Energy. Without this skill, practitioners will not gain the wonderful benefits of The Art of Energy even when they can perform genuine techniques.

Surprisingly, not many people know this fact. As a result, they can perform genuine techniques for years as external forms, but they are still weak or sickly, although two main purposes of The Art of Energy training are to make them healthy and full of vitality.

Practicing genuine Art of Energy will give you good health, vitality and longevity, as well as peak performance and spiritual joys. The flow of Qi, or flow of energy, is the essence of The Art of Energy. It is the flow of Qi, not the techniques, that provides the wonderful benefits.

This Course is recommended for beginners or participants who have never learned or practiced Internal Arts. That is, it is not necessary to have previous experience to participate. In addition, it is a requirement to participate in other more advanced Courses.


  • Have a basic understanding of the Art of Energy.

  • Learn and be able to competently practice exercises useful for health, vitality, longevity and spiritual expansion, without distinction of race, culture and religion.

  • Acquire the skills of achieving a single-point mind and harnessing cosmic energy.

  • Have an experience of energy flow.


  • Deep relaxation

  • Unity of form-jing, energy-qi and mind-shen.

  • Genuine Art of Energy dynamic patterns

  • Self-manifested Qi movement.

  • Standing meditation.

Expected result - during class.

  • Feel relaxed and fresh.

  • Experience some qi effects, such as heat over the body, tingling sensations in the fingers or other parts of the body.

  • If you have any internal injuries, which you may not be aware of, you may feel mild pain at the site of the injury. If you don't feel this slight pain at the end of class, you will likely feel it later as you continue your practice. This is a sign that your Art of Energy practice is healing your injury by removing the internal energy blockage.

  • Feel confident that if you continue your practice at home, The Art of Energy will overcome your degenerative or chronic illness if you have one, or promote good health and vitality if you are not affected by any illness.

  • Experience an increase in energy level.

  • You will usually be surprised at what a course with a genuine teacher can give you.

Many people may be surprised that so much can be achieved in a comparatively short time. This is possible because:

  • The objectives are clearly defined.

  • The best available methods are chosen to achieve the objectives.

  • Sifu Angel has a lot of experience in successfully teaching such a course.

  • The student's progress is improved by opening his vital points and transmitting energy if necessary. A student would normally take several months of constant practice to achieve the same effect on their own.

A fundamental condition is needed to participate in this Private Art of Energy Course, and this is to hold and practice the Ten Shaolin Laws. Please read and understand the Shaolin Ten Laws carefully. Application to the course is taken as a sign that you have consented to this condition.


  • Course name and session: Private Art of Energy Course.

  • Your full name

  • Sex and age

  • Job

  • Health problems briefly, if any

If accepted, details will be sent to you by email.

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