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​We publish books that focus on medicine and healing, martial arts and health, mind and body, spirituality and humanity as well as Zen and religion. By spreading the knowledge that masters have, we hope that everyone can have a healthy life, both physically and mentally, irrespective of race, culture or religion. Health for all, books for all.

Note: The publication rights of some titles have been leased to other publishers at the current moment. Please visit the title page and refer to book details section for more information.


Title of the Year


We are pleased to launch the title of the year – The Way of the Master (Special & Limited Edition). This book consists of 88 chapters with 924 pages and it is as thick as a small dictionary. Printed in full / four colours on art paper for all its content pages and binding with hardcover with gold lettering and a plastic glossy cover wrapping the hardcover, this book is definitely a premium book for reading as well as collection. A special chapter (Chapter 88) entitled “Becoming a Great Master” reveals the teaching methodologies of the author which are invaluable to everyone. The book even comes with a DVD which consists of videos that record all kungfu sets mentioned in the book. With the signature of the author, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, this book has a worldwide limited distribution of 1,944 copies only (in conjunction with the year which Grandmaster Wong was born).

We only supply the books in bulk quantity to wholesalers and distributors and do not sell the books directly to any individual reader at this moment. If you are an individual reader who would like to buy the books, please get them from:


If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for visiting our website.



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