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Five Animal Play

  • 600 dólares estadounidenses
  • San Juan

Service Description

Five-Animal Play is a very famous set of chi kung exercise. The inventor, Hua Tuo, was a very famous physician and chi kung master. Even if there were no other benefits, knowing a famous art invented by a famous master is sufficient reason to learn it. But there are other benefits, more practical than merely having practiced a famous art invented by a famous master. Five-Animal Play was the seminal art for what is now called self-manifested chi movement. In other words, from what chi kung books and classics tell us, there were no external chi flow movements manifested from chi kung techniques before Five- Animal Play was invented. But since its invention and subsequent practice, practitioners manifested chi flow movements externally. Over centuries these outward chi flow movements became more and more vigorously, and today this type of chi kung practice has become a genre known as self-manifested chi movement. It is worthwhile to note that while chi flow manifested externally is common in our school, it is rare in all other schools except those schools that specially practice a genre of chi kung called self-manifested chi movement. These schools that specially practice self-manifested chi movement are uncommon. We do not specially call our type of chi kung, self-manifested chi movement or Five-Animal Play. We call our chi kung, Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung, and self-manifested chi movement and Five-animal Play are two types of our extensive repertoire.

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