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Internal Force for Peak Peformance

  • 350 dólares estadounidenses
  • San Juan

Descripción del servicio

In the intermediate level of chi kung, we focus on attaining peak performance, which can be accomplished by attaining mental clarity and internal force, besides being in a chi kung state of mind. How does this contribute to peak performance? The fundamental requirements in a chi kung state of mind are to be relaxed and to be focused. When a person is relaxed, he (or she) can have better result in whatever he does than when he is tensed. When a person is focused, he can have better result than when he is distracted. When a person is relaxed and focused at the same time, i.e. he is in a chi kung state of mind, his result in whatever he does is not just twice, but four times. The benefit is exponential. Similarly when a person's mind is clear, he will have better result. He will also have better result when he has internal force. Hence, because of exponential progression, by attending the Intensive Chi Kung Course and learning the intermediate level of chi kung, a person will attain peak performance in his daily life, as he is 16 times more efficient than if he had not attended the course!

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