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The Five Animals Play Course

Time Table
From August 27 to September 17, 2022.

Saturdays from 9 to 10 am.

Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera, San Juan.

$300 per participant to be paid in full o as follows: $50 at the time of applying and $250 before the beginning of the Course. You can pay in cash, via ATH Móvil or Venmo.

$500 for couples to be paid in full or as follows: $100 at the time of applying and $400 before the beginning of the Course. You can pay in cash, via ATH Móvil or Venmo.

The Five Animals Play is a very famous set of Qigong exercises. The inventor, Hua Tuo, was a very famous doctor and Qigong Master. Hua Tuo is honored as a sage of Chinese medicine. He successfully performed brain surgery when bleeding was the main and often the only medical treatment in Europe.


There are two schools of thought regarding the techniques of The Five Animals Play. According to one school, which was orthodox until the appearance of the second school quite recently, Hua Tuo observed the movements of the bird, deer, monkey, tiger and bear, and used these movements as techniques for his Game of the Five Animals.


Chinese doctors discovered that these five animals, which were different from the five animals in Shaolin Kungfu, were related to various organs, as follows. The bird is related to the heart, the deer to the liver, the monkey to the spleen, the tiger to the lungs, and the bear to the kidneys.


Recent archaeological discoveries in China took a different approach to The Five Animals Play. The findings suggested that the different animal forms did not refer to the exercises Hua Tuo taught patients or students, but to the Qi flow movements as a result of performing the exercises. Hua Tuo could teach the same exercise to a group of patients, but depending on the components of his body due to his illness, the resulting Qi flow movements were different.


There were innumerable different movements, but all of them could be generalized into five representative types, symbolized by the bird, the deer, the monkey, the tiger, and the bear. This is the approach we use at our school.

Next, I will show you the Five Animals Play as taught in our school Shaolin Wahnam Institute.


The Bird
The energy of the heart, or its counterpart, the small intestine and its meridians, that is, the heart meridian and the small intestine meridian, as well as the pericardium, the triple heater meridian, the pericardium meridian and the triple meridian heater, results in Qi flow movements that resemble a bird.


The Deer
The energy of the liver and its counterpart, the gallbladder and its meridians result in Qi flow movements that resemble a deer.


The Monkey
The energy of the spleen and its counterpart, the stomach, and its meridians result in Qi flow movements that resemble a monkey.


The Tiger
The energy of the lungs and its counterpart, the colon and its meridians, results in Qi flow movements that resemble a tiger.


The Bear
The energy of the kidneys and its counterpart, the urinary bladder and its meridians result in Qi flow movements that resemble a bear.


The Five Animals Play was the fundamental art of what is now called Self-Manifested Qi movement. In other words, from what Qigong books and classics tell us, there were no external Qi flow movements manifested by Qigong techniques before the Five Animals Play was invented. But since its invention and later practice, practitioners manifested Qi flow movements externally. 


Over the centuries, these external Qi flow movements became more and more vigorous, and today this type of Qigong practice has evolved into a genre known as Self-Manifested Qi movement.


When The Five Animals Play was popularly played in the past, it was best known for maintaining health and curing disease. Hua Tuo students who practiced the five animal game were recorded to have strong teeth and keen eyesight even at 90!


I believe we have taken the The Five Animals Platy or its modern equivalent, the Self-Manifested Q movement, to a new higher level. Maintaining its excellent health promoting quality, we have used it to overcome so-called incurable diseases, a great benefit, I think, not available in the past, or at least not prominent as we do now.


  • To have a basic understanding of the meaning and scope of Qigong.

  • To acquire within a comparatively short time the best available Qigong skills and techniques which a student can competently practice on his/her own after the intensive course, for health, vitality, mental freshness and inner peace.


  • To have a basic understanding of Qigong.

  • To learn and be able to practice competently some useful Qigong exercises for health, vitality and longevity.

  • To acquire the skills of attaining a one-pointed mind and of tapping Cosmic Energy.

  • To have an experience of energy flow.


Course Content

  • Deep relaxation.

  • Unity of form, energy and mind.

  • Five exercises of The Five Animals Play: The Bird, The Deer, The Monkey, The Tiger, The Bear.

  • Self-manifested Qi movement.

  • Standing meditation.


Expected Result - during the course itself

  • Feel relaxed and fresh.

  • Feel some Qi effects, like warmth over the body, tingling sensations at the fingers or other parts of the body, and ants crawling over his skin.

  • If a student has some internal injury, which he (or she) may not be aware, he may feel slight pain at the site of the injury. If he does not feel this slight pain at the end of the intensive course, he is likely to feel it later as he continues his practice. This is a sign that his Qigong practice is curing his injury, such as clearing internal energy blockage.

  • Feel confident that if he or she continues his practice at home, Qigong will overcome his degenerative or chronic illness if he has any, or to promote good health and vitality if he is not troubled by any illness.

  • Feel an increase of energy level.

  • Usually be amazed at what an intensive course with a master can bring to him or her.


Many people may amazed that quite a lot can be achieved within a comparative short time. This is possible because:

  • Objectives are clearly defined.

  • The best available methods are chosen to achieve the objectives.

  • Sifu Angel has much experience in successfully teaching such a course.

One essential condition is required for participating in this The Five Animal Play Course, and that is to uphold and practice the Ten Shaolin Laws. Please read and understand the Ten Shaolin Laws carefully. Application for the course is taken to be an indication that you have accepted this condition.

Apply indicating:
Course Name and Session - The Five Animal Play Course
Full name
Sex and age
Health problems briefly, if any


If accepted, details will be emailed to you.

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