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Wudang Kungfu

  • 1,000 dólares estadounidenses
  • San Juan

Descripción del servicio

Zhang San Feng gave ten essential points on the practice of Wudang Kungfu. Following these ten essentials is known literally as "No Two Door" which means the "Gate of No Other Way". Zhang San Feng emphasized that there were no other ways to practice Wudang Kungfu. The Ten Essentials in Wudang Kungfu Practice 1. Empty your mind of all thoughts 2. Do not tense any muscles 3. Loosen your waist 4. Principle of false-real 5. Principle of sinking and pressing 6. Using intention and not using strength 7. Co-ordination of top and bottom 8. Integration of internal and external 9. One gentle, graceful flow without any break 10. Movement in stillness, stillness in movement Wudang Kungfu courses, will include basic patterns, basic movements, developing internal force using the flow method (which is different from the course, Developing Internal Force for Peak Performance), exploding force, and combat applications.

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+ (787) 314-9204

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