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Internal Force in Daily Living

Updated: Feb 28


I know Internal Force is very good in fighting. Can Internal Force be used for other things than fighting?


Of course. In fact, in today's law-abiding society, using Internal Force for fighting is only a very minor and seldom use of Internal Force. There are countless other uses.

The countless uses of Internal Force can be classified into three categories.

One, Internal Force is used to maintain life, like digesting your food, keeping you warm, and countless other metabolic functions that keep you alive. This is the most important function of internal force. It is also the most easily neglected.

The second function of Internal Force is to enhance life. For example, many people feel tired even at work. By the time they return home after work, they become listless. With internal force, not only they work with zest, but when they return home they are still bouncing with energy to enjoy the company of their families, friends or by themselves.

Thirdly, Internal Force enables us to do better no matter what we do! For example, previously without Internal Force you become tired even before you complete a game. Now with Internal Force you can play on and on. Previously without Internal Force you may re-read a page many times yet do not understand what you have read. Now with Internal Force you understand clearly with just a single reading.

The wonderful thing is that these benefits come spontaneously. You don't have to worry how to direct your Internal Force to overcome harmful virus, work more efficiently or enhance your mental clarity. Without you having to do anything special, your Internal Force will give you these benefits.

Internal Force will also operate the above three categories of functions in that order of priority. In other words, unless you direct it otherwise, Internal Force will first ensure your life go on smoothly, next enhance your life, then enable you to have better result in whatever you do.

For example, you may want to play a game of tennis but you do not know that you have been infested with harmful virus. Without you having to do anything special, your Internal Force will clear the harmful virus first before strengthening your internal organs to give you more stamina to play your game, as maintaining life takes priority over enhancing life. Only then will your Internal Force give you more power for your tennis strokes, as enhancing life takes priority over enabling you to do better in whatever you do.

The above is taken from Question 3 August 2012 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.

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