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The 3 Golden Rules

Estudiantes del Curso de Generación de Flujo de Qi en San Juan, Puerto Rico.
No te Preocupes, No Intelectualices y Disfruta tu Práctica.



What exercise do we choose in our daily practice?



A short, practical answer is that in your daily practice you can choose any exercise you have learnt from me.

For the best results, follow the 3 Golden Rules of practice:

Don't worry.

Don't intellectualize.

Enjoy your practice.

These golden rules can answer most, if not all, your technical questions.

For example, if you wonder whether you have chosen a wrong exercise to practice, Rule 1 tells you not to worry about it.

If you ask whether you should go to vigorous Qi flow or stand fairly still after performing your chosen exercise, Rule 2 tells you not to intellectualize over it.

To follow Rule 3, of course you have to practice to enjoy it.

What happens if you actually have chosen a wrong exercise? Don't worry, your chi flow will be more than enough to overcome any adverse effects the wrong exercise may have caused. If you worry, you may not have any chi flow and the adverse effects may harm you.

Suppose you go to vigorous chi flow instead of standing fairly still when standing fairly still will actually give you more benefits. Don't worry and don't intellectualize because even the lesser benefits will be more than enough for your needs. If you intellectualize you may not have any chi flow at all.

Let us take an analogy. You need $2000 a month to live, and you can choose to do job A or job B. You choose job A and earn $20,000. Had you chosen job B, you would have earned $30,000. But that doesn't matter. You earn 10 times more than necessary for you to live. Had you hesitated and not worked, you would have earn nothing.

Is it reasonable to say that you would earn $20,000 when you only need $2,000? We arrive at the figures as follows. Most other types of Qigong just help you to maintain well-being. If we take $2,000 as the unit of cash flow to maintain basic economic life, we take 2000 units of energy flow to represent the amount of energy for maintaining basic healthy life.

But our chi kung does more. How much more? For most other types of chi kung, if a practitioner can generate an energy flow after 100 days of practice, he would have been a very good practitioner. You take only one day of practice, which is 100 times better. Energy flow is the essence of healthy life, just as cash flow is the essence of economic life. Let us be modest, and assume that our Qigong is just 10 times instead of 100 times better. Hence, it is reasonable to say that you would earn $20,000 when you need only $2,000.

You have to work to earn this $20,000 or 20,000 units of energy flow. If you worry or intellectualize, you may not have any energy flow at all.

These 3 Golden Rules of practice are wonderful. They will free you from worrying and intellectualizing unnecessarily, so that you can focus on just practicing and enjoying the practice.

But these Golden Rules are applicable only in our case where we practice authentic high-level Qigong. Most other Qigong practitioners do not have our tremendous volume of Qi flow to enjoy this luxury.

This philosophical answer is for your intellectual pleasure. If you like, in line with the 3 Golden Rules, you can forget about the philosophy and just choose any exercise to enjoy your practice. The benefits will automatically come.

The above is taken from Question 3 May 2013 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.

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